In view of the current context, we feel it is important to assure you that the financial, administrative and accounting management system of the mutual funds managed by Crédit Mutuel Asset Management is uninterrupted. The remote working and back-up systems provided for in this type of situation are in place and functioning.

All our services are fully operational to ensure the continuity of our management, valuation, administration and accounting functions of the funds for which we are responsible.

All the necessary means are in place to guarantee you a quality service in these market conditions. The proper functioning of these measures is monitored and assessed on a daily basis. Management meetings are held regularly in the equities, fixed income and diversified divisions, as well as the support functions. In addition, our management teams are managing our various funds normally (purchases / sales / arbitrages and sector rotations).

You can count on Crédit Mutuel Asset Management's commitment to be by your side and we hope that you and your loved ones will cope with the coming days and weeks as calmly as possible.

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management
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Funds ISIN SRRI Documentation
CM-CIC CASH RC: FR0013353828 1 Factsheet KIID Prospectus Information
CM-CIC CASH RC2: FR0013400546 1 Factsheet KIID Prospectus Information
CM-CIC GREEN BONDS RC: FR0013246543 3 Factsheet KIID Prospectus
CM-CIC GLOBAL LEADERS RC: FR0012287381 6 Factsheet KIID Prospectus
CM-CIC GLOBAL LEADERS S: FR0013295615 6 Factsheet KIID Prospectus
CM-CIC HIGH YIELD 2024 RC: FR0013336773 4 Factsheet
CM-CIC HIGH YIELD 2024 RD: FR0013336765 4 Factsheet
CM-CIC EUROPE GROWTH RC: FR0010037341 6 Factsheet
CM-CIC EUROPE VALUE RC: FR0000991770 6 Factsheet
CM-CIC EUROPE VALUE RD: FR0000991788 6 Factsheet
CM-CIC PIERRE D: FR0010444992 6 Factsheet
CM-CIC GLOBAL INNOVATION RC: FR0013298338 6 Factsheet
CM-CIC GLOBAL GOLD RC: FR0007390174 7 Factsheet
CM-CIC CONVERTIBLES EURO RC: FR0013384591 4 Factsheet