• + 235 asset management experts
  • 4th-ranked management company in France11
  • €151 billion in assets under management group-wide2

Fully integrated into Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale

To improve the readability of its brand, Crédit Mutuel Asset Management's Internet address and graphic charter are changing .

Starting on 19 May, you will find all the functions of our website at this new address: www.creditmutuel-am.eu

Ownership structure

Ownership structure

BFCM 50,7%
CIC 23,6%
Crédit Mutuel group 21,8%
ACM 3,9%

Expertise to cater for a diverse customer base

Assets under management by category

Verwaltetes Vermögen nach Anlageklassen

Money market 26,1%
Real estate 3.4%
Equities and balanced investments 22,3%
Bonds 47,2%
Structured funds 1%

Assets under management by type of customer

Assets under management by type of customer

Institutional investors 36%
Management companies 15%
Corporates 12%
Private individuals 20%
Employee savings schemes 15%
Associations 2%

A management process underpinned by an allocation committee

The allocation committee determines the policy for portfolio allocation each month using a top-down approach (on the basis of economic analysis) and draws on market experience and internal experts' knowledge of companies (using a bottom-up approach) across the different asset classes. It decides on any diversification (management, theme, commodities, credit, etc.), increase or decrease of a holding.

1 Source: SIX as at 31/12/2018

2 Including funds of funds and masters, including €70 billion managed by ACM Vie directly and €11.68 billion managed by Crédit Mutuel Gestion, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Asset Management.